Pinnacle Network Systems provides support to the Navy (NCTAMSLANT) Base Communications Offices (BCOs) on the East Coast and is responsible for providing the day-to-day operational support, management, guidance, acquisition, and technical support services for the operations, administration, and maintenance of the naval facilities in this area. Base communications is constantly in a state of upgrade, from new construction to technology refreshes. Combined telecommunication infrastructures and upgraded equipment, to support voice and data networks, are being engineered and installed. These new planned installation projects consist of switching networks supporting analog/digital voice and ISDN services to include video teleconference capabilities. To accomplish these tasks in an efficient and economical manner, Pinnacle (PNS) provides program management support and specialized knowledge of the CENTREX switching systems, Lucent DEFINITY platforms, Nortel 61C Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), Communication Managers (CMs), and planned Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions specific to inside wiring and technical expertise to support both existing daily operations and the planned upgrades of inside and outside plant.